Some tips to improve your memory

It is difficult to achieve photographic memory unless you are born with it but you can improve your memory with the help of simple methods which are really useful. One of the most important things which elders usually teach children is relating things with one another to remember them. If you want to remember parts of your computer, you can relate motherboard with the face of your mother to remember its vital function or you can refer CPU as brain of the computer as all the data is processed and stored in it. So in this way it becomes easy to memorize the name and function of different things. You can relate pictures of these things with the mental pictures that you have formed in your mind and in this way things are easy to memorize and recall later.

There is a specific part of your brain which is specialized for remembering faces of different people. It is important because of the fact that most of our daily life is based on remembering faces of people. To remember a face you remember its features such as eyes, nose, ears and hair color. Now, to remember the name of that person, imagine in your mind that this name is written on the forehead of the picture. In this way you can associate name with the image. Practice is the key. The more you practice, the more is the success rate.

There are a number of games known as photographic games. With the help of these games you can remember pictures. Take a magazine and concentrate on one of its page until you feel confident that you remember the image of that page completely. After that write or dray everything that you had seen on that page. Some people have claimed that by this practiced they are now comfortable in remembering images.

Another photographic game revolves around simple things. If you are sitting in your room, look at your chair or bed for 5 seconds and the close your eyes and then recall what you remember about that specific image. This game increases your brain activity and in this way you are able to improve your memory.

Concentration and focusing are the keys to improve the memory. Children usually have better memory than adults because they have a better focus. Adults get used to multi-tasking and they have multiple factors in their mind while performing some task. So, they take longer time to consolidate. If you improve the depth of your focus, your memory gets better too.

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