Improve your memory by changing your habits and lifestyle

Few people know much about memory. Some people think that memory improves by the increase in brain cells, which is a fallacy. If that was the reason, everyone was jumping at every opportunity to have a brain transplant to improve its additional memory. Memory is enhanced by increasing the number of connections between brain cells. The improvement of these connections improves memory. The connections between brain cells are modified to form new memories. Thus, memory can be improved by extending and improving these connections.

Do not be one of those who do not believe there is a relationship between brain function and physical activity. Physical exercise increases blood flow to the brain, which means increased oxygenation and hence higher brain function. Even simple exercises such as walking can serve this purpose.

Physical exercises are used to improve the body, while the mental exercises are used to improve brain function. It would be stupid to put 5 kg of weight in the head, in hope for the best of brain function. Chess puzzles and puzzles are some games that can be used for this purpose. Even computer games can be used to improve connections between brain cells.

It has been noticed that lazy people are usually dull. This is due to the reason that they lack of physical activity as well as mental activity. You should try to engage yourself in some new task whenever you get a chance. You can design new clothes for yourself, you may try to cook new food but beware of the fact that eating it might be dangerous; you can read new books, meet new people and start a new sport. It is a fact that people who keep their mind busy are not lazy and they have a good memory.

We don’t try to understand this fact but diet plays a very important part in our lives. Vegetables, fruits, appropriate quantities of proteins and carbohydrates can help in improvement of memory. Vitamins play a very important biochemical role in this prospective too.

Last but not least, adequate sleep is essential for improvement of memory. A person who is sleep deprived is slow in forming and consolidating new memories. A person requires 7 to 9 hours of sleep daily to have appropriate brain function. You might have noticed that people with lack of sleep are usually dull and lazy.

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