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Are you a victim of your thoughts? Do they hold you back from being who you want to be? Would you like to be in control of them? What if I told you that I am an expert in thought processes and have helped hundreds of people escape their past, would that be of interest? Your thoughts control your life, health and happiness. The troublesome thoughts are the automated programs run by your unconscious, until now you have had no choice over these. If they are no longer appropriate or relate to something that is over and done then you are at the right place to find out how I can help you remove or replace them, quickly and effectively. So take a few minutes to find out more about your unconscious, how it works and how you can take control of it to lead a more happy healthy life. Scroll around and see how I might be able to help. Of course nothing changes without action, so as soon as you feel this could be just what you are seeking go to the contact page, make contact and put yourself on the path to a better life. Enjoy, Steven

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  • Fast and Effective Training Programs
  • Therapy in Lincolnshire or Worldwide over Skype
  • Video and Audio Recordings for DIY support
  • Fast and Safe Removal of Problematic Thought Processes.
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“Dear Steven, It has been a delightful experience to work with you. Your conversations are inspiring, insightful, filled with humour and so comforting. You have helped me with practical tools to address everyday challenges, both minor and major, one of the most impressive things you taught me was about how to break chains of negative thought, starting from the present and moving further into the future, completely letting go of the baggage of the past. You shared interesting ideas about the mind body connection, relaxing, breaking free of self professed rules, making new ones and allowing the discovery of uncharted territory! The most unusual and unique element is how easily you help to take conscious thoughts and desire into the unconscious mind for it to work on the issues automatically. I feel so relieved, inspired and equipped with new tools in my toolkit to address life issues and ensure I make the best of relationships. I have learned so much from you, You truly are a skilled professional.” Dr Shweta Jacob MD(G.Med), MRCGP, DRCOG, DFFP

"I can't quite believe how much Steven has helped me overcome deep seated problems and low self esteem, especially as I have had some of these issues for over 50 years. He is very easy to talk to and manages to explain even complex things in an understandable and simple way. I had many "Aha" moments and see life through more positive eyes. He is very intuitive and from asking for very little information arrived promptly at the solution to removing the core issue, which he dealt with swiftly. Without these major obstacles, I am no longer held back by the problems of the past. My life has changed for the better and I only wish I had gone to him sooner. I would highly recommend Steven and wouldn't delay contacting him, like I did." With much gratitude, Trudy Randall

“A wonderful therapist Steven understands the mind and body connection in illness and is passionate to help people enjoy health and happiness” — John Edward Boulton


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