Improve your memory by changing your habits and lifestyle

Few people know much about memory. Some people think that memory improves by the increase in brain cells, which is a fallacy. If that was the reason, everyone was jumping at every opportunity to have a brain transplant to improve its additional memory. Memory is enhanced by increasing the number of connections between brain cells. The improvement of these connections improves memory. The connections between brain cells are modified to form new memories. Thus, memory can be improved by extending and improving these connections.

Do not be one of those who do not believe there is a relationship between brain function and physical activity. Physical exercise increases blood flow to the brain, which means increased oxygenation and hence higher brain function. Even simple exercises such as walking can serve this purpose.

Physical exercises are used to improve the body, while the mental exercises are used to improve brain function. It would be stupid to put 5 kg of weight in the head, in hope for the best of brain function. Chess puzzles and puzzles are some games that can be used for this purpose. Even computer games can be used to improve connections between brain cells.

It has been noticed that lazy people are usually dull. This is due to the reason that they lack of physical activity as well as mental activity. You should try to engage yourself in some new task whenever you get a chance. You can design new clothes for yourself, you may try to cook new food but beware of the fact that eating it might be dangerous; you can read new books, meet new people and start a new sport. It is a fact that people who keep their mind busy are not lazy and they have a good memory.

We don’t try to understand this fact but diet plays a very important part in our lives. Vegetables, fruits, appropriate quantities of proteins and carbohydrates can help in improvement of memory. Vitamins play a very important biochemical role in this prospective too.

Last but not least, adequate sleep is essential for improvement of memory. A person who is sleep deprived is slow in forming and consolidating new memories. A person requires 7 to 9 hours of sleep daily to have appropriate brain function. You might have noticed that people with lack of sleep are usually dull and lazy.

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Do activities that can improve memory

The memory is not as complicated as it sounds, but you can imagine its importance if you are patient with Alzheimer’s disease or have experience living with one. It can be quite an embarrassment for a person to forget the same things over and over again. There are some activities that can help improve brain function. Its exact scientific mechanism is not yet known exactly, but it is believed that these activities help brain cells to improve the connections between brain cells.

Singing is one of the activities that could help improve your memory. This is due to the fact that most songs are complex, with various combination of words and it takes a great mental effort to memorize. Once stored, they are not easily forgotten. The song is strongly associated with mood. catchy songs can increase your mood and eliminate depression. This helps your brain to focus on one thought that attempt to store. Depression and stress are the main causes of memory loss.

You might not be a professional dancer, but do be aware that dancing is a healthy activity to improve your memory. Dancing affects memory in several ways, most importantly, like the song, it lightens the mood and help relieve stress. It is also known as the memory and practice dance steps which are complex is useful for improving memory.

If you are a student, you probably noticed that the review of an issue over and over again helps consolidate and easy remembrance of it. The reason is that brain cells get used to reviewing this particular issue, and therefore remember. Some people remember a story written for a number of times. This is because writing helps the brain to revisit the issue in a systematic way. In this way, memories are consolidated.

Sports and exercise are also helpful in improving memory. Physical activity reduces stress and blood flow is more important is the increase. It is a very important factor for physical activity with brain function. Increased oxygenation of the brain helps brain cells to form new connections between them and also reinforces old connections, thus memory improves

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Taking supplements helps improve memory

Many people are concerned about the memory because they have a problem of forgetting. Some people tend to complain of neglect in general such as being unable to recall certain things for instance names, numbers and events.

In old age, people generally suffer from dementia, mainly due to defects in brain function. Over the years many techniques have been developed to improve memory performance. You may wonder if these techniques can improve the size of your brain, but this is not the case. Memory exercises improve memory by increasing brain function by exercise, while dietary supplements help improve memory by producing specific chemicals in the brain.

There are some supplements that help adults to improve memory and even recover memory loss have already occurred to some extent. Huperzine A is a chemical substance that is extracted primarily from a moss in China. This chemical has not only managed to retrieve the memory loss in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, but has also proven to improve memory in high school students. It is now known that this chemical works by slowing the breakdown of neurotransmitters, which are involved in signal transmission from one neuron to the other.

Phosphatidylcholine is another chemical that can be taken to improve memory. This chemical works by increasing the production of acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter in the brain.

Green tea is used worldwide for centuries. Generally, people drink it for its taste and to keep warm, but do not know it also helps our body to improve memory function by increasing overall thinking process.

Gingko biloba can improve memory. We also know that it helps to add depth and clarity of focus which in turn, help in the formation of memories.

Vitamins play a vital role in our body. Vitamin B is well-known to help a person to improve his focus which is the basis of formation of memories in human brain. A person with better focus can form memories with ease because he can concentrate on a thought for a longer period of time.

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Some tips to improve your memory

It is difficult to achieve photographic memory unless you are born with it but you can improve your memory with the help of simple methods which are really useful. One of the most important things which elders usually teach children is relating things with one another to remember them. If you want to remember parts of your computer, you can relate motherboard with the face of your mother to remember its vital function or you can refer CPU as brain of the computer as all the data is processed and stored in it. So in this way it becomes easy to memorize the name and function of different things. You can relate pictures of these things with the mental pictures that you have formed in your mind and in this way things are easy to memorize and recall later.

There is a specific part of your brain which is specialized for remembering faces of different people. It is important because of the fact that most of our daily life is based on remembering faces of people. To remember a face you remember its features such as eyes, nose, ears and hair color. Now, to remember the name of that person, imagine in your mind that this name is written on the forehead of the picture. In this way you can associate name with the image. Practice is the key. The more you practice, the more is the success rate.

There are a number of games known as photographic games. With the help of these games you can remember pictures. Take a magazine and concentrate on one of its page until you feel confident that you remember the image of that page completely. After that write or dray everything that you had seen on that page. Some people have claimed that by this practiced they are now comfortable in remembering images.

Another photographic game revolves around simple things. If you are sitting in your room, look at your chair or bed for 5 seconds and the close your eyes and then recall what you remember about that specific image. This game increases your brain activity and in this way you are able to improve your memory.

Concentration and focusing are the keys to improve the memory. Children usually have better memory than adults because they have a better focus. Adults get used to multi-tasking and they have multiple factors in their mind while performing some task. So, they take longer time to consolidate. If you improve the depth of your focus, your memory gets better too.

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Use of certain foods to improve memory

If you are an avid eater and like fast food and then hope that this diet can help you to improve your memory then let me assure you that junk foods can although make you obese and cause you diabetes but they cannot improve your memory. Diabetes itself is very destructive for memory formation and recovery. While choosing a diet to improve your memory, you shod be cautious about having certain ingredients in it. Vitamins are very important in this prospective because Vitamin C helps to reduce the memory loss while Vitamin B12 and B6 are known to protect the brain. Vitamin B is present in liver, certain vegetables and whole grains. Vitamin E and other antioxidants on one hand aid body’s immune system to fight against the infections and on the other hand they improve brain function by maintaining the chemical balance and shielding the effects of food pollutants.

If you are a sufferer of memory loss then don’t try to remember these things, get a print out of these paragraphs instead and then start taking these foods to improve your memory. You need some changes in your diet for this purpose. An indirect way is to start taking fruits and vegetables because they are rich in fiber and reduce the carbohydrate absorption in the human body. In this way incidence of high blood sugar levels is decreased and memory function is improved as hyperglycemia cause reduction in brain function.

Watermelons, tomatoes, cherries and radish are known as red foods. These foods are rich in Vitamins and are known to improve memory by making blood circulation better, which in turn maintains body temperature. Red foods also boost up body energy which results in elimination of depression and betterment of focus to improve memory.

I don’t know about you but I like fish mostly because of its taste but it Sardines and other fish help in improving memory. Although this effect is short time but intake of fish twice a week can serve the purpose. This is due to presence of certain fatty acids in fish which are helpful in boosting up memory function. Certain oils such as fish oil and olive oil also contain similar sort of fatty acids and you can use them to cook food if you don’t like fish. Decrease in brain content of certain lipids is the main cause of age related memory problems such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. This shows the importance of intake of these fats.

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A Complete Guide to Racetam – A Popular Nootropic Variety

Nootropics are essential nutritional supplements people use as brain boosters. A lot has been reported on the long-term effectiveness of nootropics till date. Anyone struggling with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, memory loss and other neurological disorders can make use of this cognitive medicine.

Nootropics are natural supplements derived from herbs. If you have developed symptoms like lack of concentration, lack of attention, loss of memory power, intelligence and behavioural abnormalities, nootropics substances can give you a complete cure. With the long-term use of these “smart drugs” you can attain greater level of neuroplasticity. Higher level of neuroplasticity means your nervous system is more capable of adapting to environmental and behavioural stresses continuously over time.

Nootropics also facilitate learning and recall through a process called synaptogenesis. A regular nootropics user develops faster learning abilities, reinforcement of existing skills and memories. Since Nootropics are different from that of other cognitive enhancers such as stimulants, hormones, prescription drugs, they are always safe to use. Genuine Nootropics are nontoxic and neuroprotective. They can really enhance neurotransmitters in brain and induce release of neurochemicals such as acetylcholine, glutamate.

If you are new to Nootropics and are thinking of what to buy here is a simple guide for quick help.

Antiracetam: These Nootropic substances are fat soluble. They are powder like materials with no odour or so. Antiracetam have long-lasting effect far more than piracetam and other racetam varieties. A daily dosage of 600-3000 mg can help improve creativity, perception, and responsiveness about sound and colour. Aniracetam is considered to be the best anxiolytic racetam because of its potent AMPA receptor.

Oxiracetam: Oxiracetams are far stronger than Piracetam and Aniracetam. They are fast in action. They appear like coarse or semi-Coarse White Powder and are water soluble. Oxiracetam have multiple biomechanical effects. It boosts ATP levels improving mental energy; increase choline acetylcholinetranferase releasing acetylcholine in the brain.  Long-term use of Oxiracetam supports multiple cognitive behaviours and provides powerful mental support. The ideal daily dose of this Nootropics is 750-1600 mg.

Pramiracetam: This is similar to piracetam in nature, but is up to 30 times stronger than this. 100 to 1200 mg of daily consumption can enhance brain’s metabolism and induce mental energy. This is one of the most potential racetams that increases communication between left and right hemisphere. Pracmiracetams is also considered as the most powerful and the least toxic racetams (better than salt even) among all other varieties.

Few other natural nutritional supplements or Nootropics that are worth mentioning here are Alpha GPC (found in milk and soyabeans), Vinpocetine , L-Theanine (found in green tea), L-Huperzine A (found in plant Huperzia Serrata).

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